About the Colorado Petroleum Association

Founded in 1951, the Colorado Petroleum Association is a non-profit organization and the only statewide oil and gas association that represents all sectors (production, processing and transportation) of Colorado’s oil and gas industry before state, regional, and federal governmental entities. CPA works to advance ideas and plans that help shape a strong, sustainable, and thriving energy industry.

5869460_mlThrough public and professional education, lobbying, regulatory activities, and media relations, CPA has long been recognized as a primary voice for the industry in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Affiliations and Organization

CPA takes pride in working with other organizations to accomplish policy goals of the oil and gas industry. CPA works cooperatively with other state industry trade associations located in Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, and Public Lands Advocacy, an industry group promoting access to federal lands for responsible, environmentally-sound oil and gas exploration and development to maximize member company dues.

The activities of the Association are guided by its Board of Directors. Through the Board of Directors and standing committees, CPA strives to serve its members and policy makers as a leading source of expertise on industry issues such as tax policy, environmental regulation and energy production.

Through the economic and charitable activity of its members, CPA also works continuously to promote the well-being of communities across Colorado. By providing for sustainable energy production and continuing to contribute to the energy independence of the United States, CPA members add to the prosperity and quality of life for all of Colorado.